Now You Can Put a Wrap-Around Sunroof In Your Private Jet

The view from the top just got way more awesome.

The "Kyoto Airship" wraparound window concept

With the now available option of stunning wraparound windows, Embraer’s largest private executive jet, the $53 million 1000e, offers even more flexibility than it already does for the gazillionaire One Percenters who fly in them.

You might think that adding those openings would affect the plane’s structural integrity. But they actually sit in front of the wing, and the largest windows will simply reside where doors would on the aircraft’s commercial cousin.

Especially tailored to Japanese businessmen sitting on the floor
Especially tailored to Japanese businessmen sitting on the floor (Photo: Embraer)

There’s certainly something to be said for adding natural light while jetting through the stratosphere—as opposed to the opposite, removing the windows in favor of a an immersive virtual view. But these fancy skylights will still need to implant some cutting-edge tech, so they effectively resist fogging up, can block out light when passengers wish to sleep and don’t overly heat up the cabin.

It’s all part of Embraer’s “Airship Kyoto” collaboration with respected superyacht designer Patrick Knowles. In addition to offering an amazing view that especially caters to Japanese business travelers who might prefer sitting on the floor during parts of their journey, the highly configurable layout features a number of other posh amenities throughout its five cabin zones, including an optional master suite with a large bed, pocket doors for privacy and spacious spa-styled lavatory with walk-in shower.

If you’d like to take a walk through a 1000e to imagine the opulent possibilities in person, they’ll be showing it off in Geneva next week at the EBACE show. Tell ’em we’re looking forward to a ride in one of these beauties sometime soon.