Why Eric Clapton’s Classic Ferrari F40 Is A Supercar Worth Owning

Turns out Slowhand has incredible taste in cars….

Eric Clapton with his custom-built SP12 EC.

Eric Clapton collects and customizes Ferraris almost like his many guitars, and now you have a chance to own one of Slowhand‘s own Prancing Horses. GVE London is an exotic car specialist that is selling a 1991 Ferrari F40 that passed through Clapton’s collection previously.


Even though the car is in England, it is left-hand drive, so it is ready for you to bring it to US roads. At today’s favorable exchange rate, the list price is $1.15 million, which is actually a bargain for a sure-to-appreciate limited-production classic supercar.

The F40 featured a turbocharged 478-horsepower 2.9-liter V8 engine. Ferrari built 1,311 examples of the car between its 1987 introduction and 1992 finale. 

Clapton had his turn with this one, now here’s your chance to see if you can play it as well. Bow down to the car’s unrivaled beauty in the gallery above.