You Can Buy This $250,000 Corvette-Powered LaFerrari Lookalike

The Exotic Rides W70 delivers performance to back up its looks.

Orlando, Florida’s Exotic Rides is taking orders for a planned production run of 70 low-slung supercars it plans to build. The W70 boasts 626 horsepower courtesy of a General Motors LS7 7.0-liter V8.

The transaxle is a six-speed manual from Porsche, so the driving experience won’t be watered down by any silly paddle shifter nonsense.

While the bodywork bears a resemblance to the Ferrari LaFerrari, the W70 eschews the Prancing Horse’s carbon fiber construction for a more conventional aluminum tube frame design.

Considering that Ferrari has closed LaFerrari production, the W70 offers an appealing way to channel that car’s vibe in an attainable package.