A Car-Crazy Artist Photographed an Exploding Lamborghini Miura

The classic supercar was shattered into a million little pieces for an epic artistic project.


Swiss artist Fabian Oefner has just created sacrilege, but in the most stunning way, by photographing an exploding 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV, one of the most beautiful Italian cars ever created.

The wanton act of artistic combustion, titled Disintegrating X, took almost two years to complete using a real car – worth millions – rather than replicas that the New York-based Oefner has employed in the past. Not to worry though, the car was not actually destroyed in the process.

M.A.D. Gallery

Oefner and his team travelled to the the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Italy to photograph the priceless ride as it was being painstakingly restored, with thousands and thousands of pieces removed, refinished and replaced, by the marque’s in-house experts. The final image consists of more than 1,500 individual photographs.

M.A.D. Gallery

Geneva’s M.A.D. Gallery, founded by avant-garde watch designer Max Büsser of MB&F, is showing the artwork and offering limited edition prints. 

“One day a friend said to me, ‘I have a Miura and I’m having it restored. Why don’t you take the opportunity to create one of your Disintegrating images?,” Oefner recalls. 

“And of course he didn’t have to ask me twice to work on one of my favorite cars, to get to touch every single screw and piece of that legend, and put them into a final composition.”


Check out the video above to see the incredible piece of art being created. And if you’re looking to invest in some eye-popping art sell some stocks and clear a wall.