This Is the Neon Green Mercedes Dump Trunk You Never Knew You Needed

Yes, that’s fake mud.

The custom car specialists at Florida’s Renntech Inc. have decided to make a splash in the truck world, and the Sprinter Extreme Concept ought to make a wave like a cannonball off the high dive.

This 95-inch-high monster is 20 feet long and can haul 6,500 lbs. in its bed, which is more than a lot of vehicles can even tow, much less carry on their backs.

Renntech started with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis cab, the sort that is a bare frame from right behind the driver’s door on back. But instead of turning it into an airport parking shuttle bus or motorhome camper, Renntech installed a cargo bed and wrapped the whole thing in ectoplasmic green vinyl.

And yep, that’s fake mud on the vinyl graphics, because despite the knobby off-road tires mounted on bead-lock wheels, this beast is rear-wheel drive.