Check Out The Fantastic Retro Look Of This Custom Ford Bronco

Marine-grade wood lends a cool surfing vibe to this Ford off-roader.
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1975 Ford Bronco Custom Woody 1.jpeg

There was a time when station wagon bodies were customized with wood paneling. The situation eventually devolved into American car companies applying fake wood to the sides of pretty much any vehicle without a trunk. 

1975 Ford Bronco Custom Woody 11.jpeg

Ford's Bronco 4x4 escaped the tacky craze of fake wood siding, so the crew at Classic Ford Broncos decided it would be cool to build one with the look of a classic surf board-toting, beach-cruising woody wagon —and they used real wood to do it.

1975 Ford Bronco Custom Woody 10.jpeg

The result is this fantastic 1974 Bronco, tricked out with real marine-grade wood, which is sure to survive the elements. 

1975 Ford Bronco Custom Woody 2.jpeg

Gorgeous surfing safari style carries throughout the cabin as well. It has a cool, custom, look that manages to remain period-correct, with a wood-trimmed headliner and wood-rimmed steering wheel.

1975 Ford Bronco Custom Woody 6.jpeg

The shop ditched the Bronco's original engine in favor of a modern fuel-injected 5.0-liter crate engine. It comes complete with air conditioning to provide the comfort drivers expect even from their classics.

1975 Ford Bronco Custom Woody 13.jpeg

The Columbus, Ohio-area shop is asking $75,000 for this unique custom Bronco. Ford didn't build woody Broncos, so consider it money well-spent for such a one-of-a-kind ride.

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