The Fastest Boat on 4 Wheels

The Gibbs Quadski XL let’s you take your lady on a fast-as-hell, land-to-sea joyride.

Before the Gibbs Quadski, amphibious ATVs were a pathetic lot. They could tear across land, but most turned into sad little tugboats when they hit water. For the Quadski, Gibbs developed a new ATV suspension and transmission that could transition from land to sea in a scant five seconds without sacrificing speed. And the Quadski also solves the bigger amphibious vehicle problem, which was having to leave your lady friend on the beach during your land-to-sea joyride. The very-cleverly-named Quadski XL has room for a passenger to hop right on. Aside from its extended seat (and steeper price), everything about the XL is identical to the original: Four-cylinder BMW engine, 140 horses, and a top speed of 45 miles per hour on both waves and dunes. For an extra $2,500 you can even get it in camo. [$47,650;]