This Is The Fastest Funny Car Ever

No joke: At 322.88 mph, it took Jack Beckman just 3.912 seconds to accelerate a quarter-mile.

National Hot Rod Association driver Jack Beckman drove his Infinite Hero Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car to the fastest quarter-mile time in NHRA history during qualifying rounds in Kent, Washington last weekend. You can watch it here: 

His Charger tripped the timing lights at the end of the quarter mile, just 3.912 seconds after the green light illuminated at the start line. The car was traveling a ridiculous 322.88 mph when Beckman lifted off the gas pedal at the end of the run.

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Amazingly, Beckman’s main concern now seems to be that he’s tipped off his competitors that it is even possible to go so fast.

“They can look at our time slip and see all the areas where it is possible to run these cars faster,” he said. “Some of them are already starting to make those adjustments, which is going to make us work a little bit harder to take it to the next level.”

So much for relaxing for a minute to enjoy laying down the fastest run ever.

Photos by Auto Imagery