A Ferrari, a Bentley, and a Bugatti Walk Into a Bar…

In London, a certain demographic bids summer farewell with a flashy show-and-tell of exotics and supercars.

Around Labor Day in the United States, most people choose an intimate way to salute summer’s end: a maudlin BBQ with friends, folding and packing summer whites, drinking the dregs from the stockpile of Mount Gay.

Middle-East millionaires, however, hail summer’s last days with a gold-plated, V12-powered, leather-lined farewell. In what’s become something like a tradition, well-heeled sports-car owners bring chromed-out Bentleys, matte-finish Ferraris and even a couple of Mercedes’ 6X6G63AMG leviathans to London’s congested city center to exhibit and mingle.

The congestion is welcomed: proud owners cruise at low-speeds, with exhausts crackling, while lucky kids and adults get to ogle some of the world’s choicest machinery at an arm’s length. 

Photos by Frank Doran / Rex USA