The Ferrari F80 Prancing Pony is Our Favorite Christmas Present

Could this 2015 concept be a follow-up to the LaFerrari? Probably not, but we still think it’s cool.

Ferrari is not known for showing restraint. Neither are their fans. The LaFerrari hybrid supercar is a 1,000 horsepower dynamo that challenges the manhood every other car ever made. Of course, Ferrari essentially invented the supercar back in 1987 when they unveiled the F40, a car that rides the razor’s edge of perfection. So we’re highly appreciative of anything inspired by the F40. This F80 Prancing Pony concept, created and designed by Adriano Raeli, is a little Christmas present from Raeli to the world and back to you again. Should Ferrari—or anyone, really—build it, the F80 would be powered by a 900-horsepower V12, which will in turn be fed another 300 horsepower KERS system. According to our calculator, that’s an obscene amount of energy. Merry Christmas, world.

Photos by Ferrari