The Just-Revealed FXX-K Evo Is the Most Extreme Ferrari Yet

The track-only version of the LaFerrari is a masterpiece of engineering.
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Ferrari is rewarding its very best and most enthusiastic customers with a limited-production run of track-only cars called the FXX-K Evo.


The FXX, you will recall, is the track-only version of the LaFerrari, and the FXX-K was the higher-performance second iteration of the car, modified for still more speed. Ferrari built just 38 FXXs and 40 FXX-Ks, and will build a similarly small run of the FXX-K Evo.


A year of wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamics computer modeling have yielded aerodynamic updates for the EVo that produce 23 percent more traction-enhancing downforce than the FXX-K and 75 percent more than the LaFerrari.


Improvements come from a bigger wing and enhanced underbody diffuser at the rear. Those are balanced by significant reconfiguring of the airflow beneath the front bumper that equalize the downforce front and rear.

Total downforce is 1,410 lbs at 125 mph and a massive 1,830 lbs at top speed.


Inside, the Evo gets a new steering wheel with Formula One-style controls for the hybrid-electric power-boosting system (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) and improved shift paddles.


While owners might well subscribe to the attitude famously espoused in The Gumball Rally that "what is behind me does not matter," the EVO does enjoy an enlarged 6.5-inch rear view video display.

Look for the FXX-K Evo to hit tracks around the world when the next season of Ferrari's private racing series launches in March 2018.


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