Ferrari Unleashes 'Most Extreme' Supercar Yet

Good Lord.
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Ferrari P80C (3)

Ferrari's latest creation is a bespoke supercar that's billed as the Italian automaker's "most extreme one-off design." 

Ferrari P80C (2)

The Ferrari P80/C is tailor-made to tear up a track. While the chassis comes from the 488 GT3, much of its design was inspired by the Prancing Horse's '60s-era race cars like the 330 P3/P4, Dino 206 S and 250 LM.

Ferrari P80C (4)

For instance, its wedge-shaped front end sports air intakes in place of headlights—much like the 330 P3/P4—while a simple "catamaran"-style grille and giant spoiler take up almost all of the rear end. 

Ferrari P80C (1)

The concave engine cover with aluminium louvres serves as another nod to the Ferrari 330 P3/P4.

Specs have yet to be released, but Jalopnik speculates that its powered by a 3.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V8. 

Ferrari P80C (1)

In the 488 GT3, the same 600-horsepower engine was good for a sub-three second zero-to-60 mph time and a 200 mph-plus top speed. 

Given that the P80/C has been in development since 2015, we can imagine that it's tuned to be even faster. 

Ferrari P80C (5)

The anonymous client who commissioned the car no doubt paid a ridiculous price that also wasn't disclosed. An exclusive red paint dubbed "Rosso Vero" cements its one-of-a-kind status. 

If you've got 12 minutes, you can watch the P80/C's origin story above. Otherwise, feel free to bask in its track-worthy lines and curves below: 

Ferrari P80C (2)
Ferrari P80C (4)
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