Get Ready to Buckle Into the Ferrari Roller Coaster

Welcome to Ferrari World.

Ferrari already operates the world’s fastest roller coaster at the giant Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi. But according to Bloomberg, the company is planning a similar park for the U.S.

There are already parks announced for China and Spain, so the U.S. Ferrari World would be the company’s fourth such park based on the company’s history of speed.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opened in 2010 and recently added Flying Aces, a roller coaster featuring the world’s highest loop (170 feet) and speeds of 75 mph. It’s a tribute to the World War I Italian army pilot Francesco Barracca, whose plane’s prancing horse emblem has become Ferrari’s logo.

No word yet an the park’s anticipated location, but Orlando, the epicenter of U.S. theme parks, seems a likely bet.

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