Ferrari Unveils Limited Edition 812 Superfast

The 819-horsepower grand tourer is faster, more powerful and cleaner in the corners.
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Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition  (5)

Ferrari's flagship 812 Superfast is even faster and more extreme in the first official photos of a yet-named limited edition. 

Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition  (3)

The naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12—Maranello's most powerful roadgoing engine—was tweaked to redline at 9,500 revs and crank out 819 horsepower, up from 789. 

Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition  (2)

A redesign of other mechanical components, such as the valve timing mechanism and exhaust,  also promise better performance. No speed measurements were mentioned, but this should push the Italian grand tourer's 60-mph sprint time even further into two-second territory. 

Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition  (3)

The special Superfast 812 also now boasts four-wheel steering to increase agility and precision cornering capability, more carbon fiber pieces to cut down on weight, and Ferrari's latest Side Slip Control dynamics system. 

Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition  (4)

The supercar is supposed to represent Ferrari's ultimate front-engined berlinetta (sport coupe), which led to multiple exterior design changes. The front air intakes, rear diffuser and exhaust configuration were altered to optimize aerodynamics. Gone is the glass rear screen in favor of a meaner aluminum structure filled with vortex generators. 

Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition  (6)

Another aggro change is the addition of a hood-traversing carbon fiber blade that makes the front seem shorter. The rear spoiler is higher, making the tail both appear wider and drag less. The interior changes aren't as drastic, with the door panel getting a redesign and H-gate theme on the tunnel that bring a racier feel to the road car. 

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The Ferrari 812 Superfast limited edition will be fully revealed on May 5—stay tuned for more. 

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