Watch: Ferrari Vs. BMW In Crazy Drift Video Smackdown

Who will reign supreme?

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We are living in the golden age of high-quality driving videos, and Luke Huxham (backed by Red Bull Japan) and independent producer Alessandro Pacciani have dropped a pair of oddly riveting new videos depicting very cool cars drifting through improbable backdrops.

Huxham fit a classic Ferrari F40 with snow chains and rally lights and sent it up a Japanese ski run. Pacciani created a CGI cityscape as the background for a drifting BMW M4. Both videos feature cacophonous aural effects underscoring every subtle action, with the sound of growling monsters in the Pacciani film, and even pulling a glove into place produces a dramatic “whoosh” in the Huxham movie.

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After a look at that tricked-out Ferrari, see what you think of BMW’s latest sport coupe drifting through a nighttime fantasy land.

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Google Translate did its best with the description on the Japanese Red Bull site. Most of the resulting fractured verbiage is nonsensical, but this bit of truth shone through: “The car is not only a tool for running, but it gives us the color to life.” That’s better than anything we could say in Japanese.

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