Watch This 6-Wheeled Militaristic Monster Shred The Desert

“The Ferret” is a customized British Army vehicle with six giant tires, a Corvette engine and a gun turret that shoots grappling hooks.

Toyo Tires wanted to show that its rough-and-ready Open Country off-road tires can handle any situation, so it commissioned California’s Action Vehicle Engineering to customize a vintage British Army vehicle driven by racer B.J. Baldwin. Check out the amazing results in the video above.

The ragingly cool result is “The Ferret,” which takes its name and chassis from a 1959 Ferret four-wheel-drive British Army scout vehicle.

They started, naturally, by dropping a Corvette‘s small block Chevy V8 engine into the Ferret and upgraded the chassis with King shocks and six massive Toyo tires. The middle two wheels are hydraulically driven, while the V8 powers the outside four.

Yep, there’s still a gun turret on top, but now it shoots the grappling hook for the winch. In case the six tires aren’t enough to overcome an obstacle, you fire off the grappling hook like Batman, and winch The Ferret over it.

Now, are you ready to buy some Toyo tires, or just ready to start building an incredible custom six-wheel off-road monster of your own?