Ferrucio Lamborghini’s Personal V12-Powered Yacht Can Be Yours, Assuming You’re Insanely Rich

Own one of the most beautiful boats ever made.

1968 Riva Aquarama

Italian industrial titan Ferrucio Lamborghini knew what he wanted, in both cars and boats. That’s what led him to launch his own sports car company when he was dissatisfied with his Ferrari. And it is what led him to specify that his gorgeous Italian-made Riva Aquarama replace the company’s standard twin V8 engines (either Chrysler or Cadillac) with a pair of his own V12 powerplants.

Riva-World via Twitter

Lamborghini’s personal Aquarama was built in 1968 and was enjoyed for many years. Alas, eventually the boat was sold and, incredibly, the Lamborghini engines were replaced with V8s.

Riva-World via Twitter

Fortunately, the now-ordinary Aquarama’s provenance was discovered and Adriaan De Vries launched a restoration to its original glorious specifications. The twin 350-horsepower 4.0-liter Lamborghini V12s are period correct and power the Aquarama to a top speed of 55 mph (compared to just 46 mph for the V8 version).

Riva-World via Twitter

Today, the Lamborghini Riva Aquarama is for sale. Top Gear/Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson once pronounced a Riva boat “the most beautiful thing in the world,” and that kind of desirability ensures the cost will be dear.

Sotheby’s recently auctioned a V8 Aquarama for $479,000, providing an idea where bidding might start for a one-of-a-kind version that was owned by Lamborghini himself.

Riva-World via Twitter

The seller has created a site dedicated to the boat, so you can easily consider it for purchase. Call us if you do buy it, we want a ride!