The Fifty Best Porsche 911s of All Time

Cherry-picking a half-century of automotive excellence. 

Fifty years ago, the 911 emerged from Porsche’s Zuffenhausen plant fully formed. The 1964 911 was a definitive sports car, with a stunning shape, singular dynamics, and that raspy wail from its boxer six, which has echoed in enthusiasts’ ears ever since. The car was everything an engineer or driver could hope for, but perfection doesn’t halt evolution. Generation after generation of 911s have become stronger, leaner and more beautiful than their ancestors without ever losing that timeless form.

Through fifty years of growth and change, from two-wheel drive to four-wheel, water to air-cooled, and from slender Continental instrument to race-track crushing juggernaut, the 911 has always been a striver. Here are the fifty best 911’s of all time. 

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Photos by Porsche