This Stunning New Fisker Boasts a Tesla-Beating 400-Mile Range, Could be New King of Electric Rides

Meet the cutting-edge EMotion.
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Last year, Aston Martin DB9 designer Henrik Fisker told Maxim that his automotive company would deliver an electric vehicle everyone would want to drive. He was right. 

The Fisker EMotion made its debut at CES 2018, and it is a beaut. 

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One can see echoes of the DB9's styling in the lines of the EMotion's carbon fiber exterior. Even when the smartphone-controlled doors are opened, it looks magnificent. 

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Modern technology has been carefully integrated into its luxurious leather interior with inductive charging ports for four smart phones, driver-oriented screens, an optional 27" rear screen and a tinted roof made from adjustable electrochromic smart glass. 

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What makes the EMotion revolutionary, Fisker says, are its patent-pending solid-state batteries that will eventually yield ranges over 500 miles and a one-minute charge time.

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For now though, the AWD EV has projected top speed of 161 MPH and a 400-mile range. And of course, the futuristic new ride will have autonomous driving capability.

Initial production plans are set for 2019 at a US-based manufacturing location. Expect to spend $129,000 for the base model. 

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If it does what it's supposed to, it'll be worth every penny.