Florida Man Attempts to Time Travel in Dodge Challenger, Does Not Succeed

Like Back to the Future but in Florida.

A Florida man learned the hard way that although the Dodge Challenger is a fine American car, it cannot travel into the future.

The Challenger is a reliable albeit slightly square vehicle. It’s been around for ages, is affordable, and it satisfies muscle-car criteria, but that’s all.  

Likely mistaking a local office building for a wormhole, the driver plowed his automobile through a number of local businesses. Advanced Tax Services and Pensacola Caskets suffered the bulk of the damage, surely rattling the Sunshine State’s economy to the core. Police claim that when they questioned the driver, he told them it was all in a vain attempt to time travel.

Luckily, no one was hurt. That is, unless you consider the feelings of the driver when he learned he was still in a Pensacola strip mall and not in the future.

Watch the hard-hitting local news report from Wear ABC 3

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