Floyd Mayweather’s 10 Most Ridiculous Rides

Love him or loathe him, “Money” has an incredible car collection.

Free-spending boxing kingpin Floyd Mayweather has dropped a substantial chunk of his hundreds of millions in prizefight earnings on a fleet of luxury vehicles, several mansions, a private jet, and untold piles of  blinged-out jewelry. After all, when you make more than $300 million easily defeating Manny Pacquiao in the richest fight in boxing history, why not indulge a little? 

To mark Mayweather’s latest over-the-top acquisition—a $4.8 million KoenigseggCCXRTrevita “hypercar—we’ve rounded up his ten greatest rides. (How exclusive is our list? May’sRolls-Royce Ghost and Ferrari 599 GTB didn’t even make the cut).  Looks like even when he’s not feuding with Ronda Rousey or annoying boxing fans with next month’s snoozer of a final fight against Andre Berto, “Money” is riding in style.

Photos by Floyd Mayweather, from Instagram