Floyd Mayweather’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Has Great Taste in Luxury Cars

The boxing champ’s kid doesn’t have her license yet, but she’s already mastering the Mercedes.

Floyd Mayweather has won five world titles as a professional boxer. His daughter, Iyanna Mayweather, has benefitted from her father’s success in many ways, but perhaps none more so than the bounty that he bestrewed upon her on her 14th birthday. Sitting in the driveway of the Los Angeles house in which she does her 8th grade homework are two exquisite Mercedes—a 2015 S63 AMG luxury sedan and the singularly impractical SUV, the G63 AMG.

Before you criticize the man for spreading his wealth to those he loves, consider this: it’s never too late to start practicing your driving, and Iyanna is going to be eligible for a leaner’s permit in just a few months. Also, the combined cost of her fleet — around $300,000 — is a pittance when compared with her father, who may or may not fight Manny Pacquiao on May 2, recently acquired his third $3 million BugattiVeyron.