Here’s Who Ford Accepted and Rejected For Buying Their Hugely Anticipated GT Supercar

That’s gotta hurt.

Roush Performance via Facebook

Ford has said that it is only building 250 of its amazing GT supercars this year and another 250 next year, which will come nowhere close to meeting the deluge of demand for the 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning $450,000 technical tour de force.

Roush Performance via Facebook

To screen potential purchasers, Ford used an application asking for the prospective buyer’s history with Ford, with the original 2005-’06 GT, and opportunities for them to provide public exposure for their car if they get one.

Road & Track has been poking around to learn who some of the lucky winners are, and somewhat unsurprisingly they have compiled a list of high-profile car nuts like Jay Leno, Deadmou5, retired MLB pitcher-turned-sports-car-racer C.J. Wilson, and Scottish singer Amy MacDonald.

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Racing driver Dario Franchitti Instagrammed the box he received with samples illustrating the colors and options of the GT he successfully ordered.

YouTuber Shmee150 was thrilled to get the go-ahead, along with Brooks Weisblat, of, who has continued posting photos of his prior-generation GT while awaiting delivery of his 2018 car.

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Unfortunately, with 7,000 applicants, there were many more unhappy outcomes than positive ones. Youtubers, like Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders and Salomondrin came up empty. They have our sincere condolences, since Maxim also is not getting a 2017 or 2018 GT.