This Formula 1 Mechanic Got Hit In the Nuts With a Racecar

The bits are all there, and will be expertly reassembled.

Formula 1 drivers, including Team Lotus’Romain Grosjean, are world-class athletes known for a willingness to push boundaries, but after last Sunday’s race at the Circuit de Catalunya, a certain Lotus mechanic is wishing those drivers were a little more cautious. After suffering major degradation of his rear tires, Romain Grosjean blazed into the pits, missing his mark and slamming into a jack, that then slammed into his front-mechanic’s, uh, wrench. The courageous mechanic—despite his gonadal injuries—still managed to lift the car, before quickly retiring to the rear of the pits with a large, well-placed ice-pack. Note to drivers: drive fast, but not so fast that you neuter your mechanics.

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