Frenchman Loses Brakes and Drives Into Another Country at 125 MPH

First they lose Freedom Fries and now this?

First they lose Freedom Fries and now this?

(Photo: Braden Gunem / iStockPhoto | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013)

Not since Jackie Chan trashed that bodega has a trip to the supermarket been so exciting. Frank Lecerf, which sounds like a French name we would make up, lost the brakes on his Renault Laguna 3 on the way home from shopping. Whenever he would try to slow down his runaway ride, the acceleration would increase, and stick, all the way up to 125 MPH. Frank dialed the police, who after realizing that they can’t “slap this clown with a ticket” until he stopped, sent an escort to zig-zag him through traffic until the situation was resolved.

Unfortunately, the resolution came in an entirely different country (Belgium!) two hours later, when the car ran out of gas. Unbelievably, the driver was able to stay calm throughout the process and come to a safe halt in a ditch. He has already filed a lawsuit against the maker of the car for an undisclosed amount of money that we’ll safely predict is “a well-deserved shitload.”

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