Get Plugged In to BMW’s New Electric Car

We’re getting a real charge out of the all-new BMW i3. Get it?

Photos Courtesy of BMW Group

Photos Courtesy of BMW Group

Everyone from ’80s preppies to hardcore rappers loves a BMW. When we got to spend a weekend with the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing M5 recently, the good people who lent it to us pretty much had to pry the key from out of our hands. Now, there’s a new Bimmer on the block, and this one’s electric! Meet the just-revealed i3, the German manufacturer’s foray into the world of small, efficient EVs. On sale in the U.S. starting in Spring of 2014, this cute little machine is innovative for several reasons. First off, it’s not crazy-expensive. At just over $40K, the i3 is well within range of competitors like the Chevy Volt. Equally as important, it’s got a decent range. The i3 can get you about 75 to 80 miles on an electric charge, but an optional two-cylinder gas engine essentially doubles that. Finally (and most importantly to us), the car is pretty quick. Reaching 60 miles from a standstill in 7 seconds flat is impressive for a car like this. Sure, you probably won’t be winning any stoplight drag races, but at least you won’t end up like these guys, right?

Spec Check:

Price: $41,350

Engine: Hybrid-synchronous electric motor

Horsepower: 170

Torque: 184 lb-ft

0-60: 7 seconds

Top speed: 93 mph (limited for efficiency)

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