Get Turbo-Charged With The BMW M2 Coupe

BMW’s amazingly fun M-car packs 365 horsepower, seven gears, and a lightweight aluminum suspension.

The zoomy BMW M2 uses a dual-scroll turbocharger to pump its performance so it zips to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds with a blazing fast dual-clutch automatic transmission, while those who prefer to shift gears by hand will need 4.4 seconds to hit highway speed.

There isn’t much they can do to help speed your hand shifts, but BMW’s engineers did include an automatic rev matching feature to ensure that your manual downshifts with the six-speed H-pattern gearbox, flattering the driver no matter your level of expertise.

The M2’s 365 horsepower tops previous-generation M3s, and the 343 lb.-ft. torque exceeds that of the M1  coupe that the M2 replaces in BMW’s lineup. It even has an overboost function to add 26 lb.-ft. more torque in the mid-RPM range.

Once beyond highway speeds, it is best to take the M2 to the track. With that in mind, BMW developed the M2’s oil system, with an extra pump to keep lubricant flowing to the engine’s vital parts, even during the hard cornering of a race track. 

The M2’s electronic stability control system features an M Dynamic Mode, built to flog  around a racetrack in lurid drifts without having to entirely deactivate this hot little Beemer’s electronic safety net.

BMW will announce the price closer to launch, but the fun, zippy M2 stands to be a solid buy.

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