Ride Like a Bond Villain in This Furiously Fast Glider Yacht

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Glider offers two versions: fast and faster

Glider offers two versions: fast and faster (Photo: Glider Yachts)

This speedy vessel looks like some sort of cross between a spry water strider and giant evil robot. Perhaps the kind of getaway vehicle you'd see in a James Bond film. (Can't you just picture Bond pulling some sort of intra-pontoon maneuver on a Jet Ski, while trying to apprehend his nemesis?)

Anyway, it's not a robot, bug or movie prop. It's Glider Yacht's Super Sports 18. And it's plenty fast: Four engines with a combined 1,040 BHP push it to an eye-watering 56 knots, fast enough to get from Monaco to Saint Tropez in less than an hour.

But it has an even faster big brother: the Hyper Sports 18 packs an even more powerful 3,420 BHP, which translate into 96 knots (the equivalent of 110 MPH on land). That's good enough to get you from Miami to Nassau in under two hours.

The unique form factor of these 59-foot speedboats makes them exceptionally stable and graceful, great for long journeys. Each sports an open cockpit with seating for four guests plus the pilot.

If you happen to be in London for the big boat show this weekend, be sure to check it out. And feel free to ask the builders if they can install a bespoke satellite uplink module. You know, so as you jet to your next port, you can cast your face on the big screen in the situation room with the world's military leaders, as you demand 100 TRILLION DOLLARS before maniacally laughing.

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