The GMC Sierra 2500 HD 'All Mountain' Concept Is a Snow-Tracked Beast

Don't get in its way.
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Vail Mountain employees need access to all of the mountain to keep the slopes running smoothly for lovers of winter sports, and GMC has built a machine that can do that with the Sierra 2500 HD 'All Mountain' concept truck.


Tank tracks at all four corners provide the clearance and all-surface traction to let the All Mountain put down the power of its 445-horsepower, 910-lb.-ft. 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel V8 engine. Power routes through the truck's professional-grade Allison six-speed automatic transmission on its way to the tank tracks.


The truck is set up with LED lights underneath and in the wheels wells for dramatic effect at night, along with the 30-inch RIGID E-Series light bar up front.


Naturally there are Thule snowboard racks in the bed, for cred on the slopes and a Kicker amp and speaker kit for apres-ski partying.

Look for the All Mountain this winter at Vail, where it will be on display. Or call the GMC dealer for a conversation on building your own.

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