Go Back In Time With This Groovy Supervan From 'Back To The Future II'

It's a straight-up Love Machine.
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Among the many crazy creations of the late custom car builder George Barris, the SuperVan stands tall as the pinnacle of his far-out design vision. This incredibly strange machine is going on the block at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It was originally built as the "Love Machine," from a 1966 Dodge Tradesman A-100 van, but was then tweaked into its current form as the star of the 1977 movie SuperVan. It also appeared in Solar Crisis, Sea Quest and as a school bus in Back To The Future II. The freaky vehicle has since been restored to its original SuperVan appearance.

It's powered by the original Dodge 318 V8 engine and has a three-on-the-tree manual shift transmission, so you may need to brush up on some old school driving techniques as well as "The Hustle". There's even a disco ball hanging inside, should you feel the need to bust some '70s dance moves.

There's no estimate of how much this one-of-a-kind vehicle will bring in, but Barris's signature can only help. 

Needless to say, don't come a-knockin' if this van's a-rockin'.

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