This Custom Honda Valkyrie Is a Savage Luxury Thrill Ride

It's the perfect date night muscle bike.
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Honda Valkyrie Streetfighter Promo

If there was ever a custom tricked-out ride perfect for a night on the town, it'd be H Garage's Honda Valkyrie. 

Honda Valkyrie Streetfighter  (3)

Shop owner Scott Halbleib told Pipe Burn that he set out to transform a 2014 Valkyrie into a "massive streetfrighter that you can ride to the opera with your fancy clothes on."

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Only the bike's stock frame, wheels, suspension, gas tank and gargantuan 1800cc engine were largely left alone. Following the streetfighter design philosophy, Halbleib fashioned a brand-new angular shell with a two-tone grey and black coat of paint. That's just just one his many creative tweaks.  

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Ride Apart has further details: 

[Halbleib] cropped and chopped the tail as he does with all H Garage builds, adding a rear cowl and integrated LED lighting along the way.

A pair of fog lights found new life as the front turn signals, and two vertically-mounted LED headlights give the bike an aggressive, unconventional appearance. More subtle is the shortened subframe, radiator covers, and custom leather seat.

The rider also gets low-rise Biltwell handlebars and new grips, mirrors, and footpegs. Halbleib replaced the mufflers with Borla tips and found that the catalytic converter did a great job of quieting the beast all by itself.

The shortened exhaust shows off the custom single-sided swingarm, as well as the back wheel boasting a large 180-width tire.

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The result is a head-turning motorcycle that's truly like no other. Check out H Garage's website for more details.