This $1.79 Million Harley-Davidson Is The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

This thing is absolutely bonkers.


(Photo: Bucherer)

Swiss watchmaker Bucherer has partnered with custom workshop Bündnerbike to deliver an obscenely luxurious spin on an iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The result, the Harley-Davidson “Blue Edition,” is reportedly the most expensive new bike in the world, clocking in at $1.79 million.

The first thing you’ll notice is the bike’s strikingly iridescent blue hue, the result of six layers of color coating applied to silver-plated metal.

(Photo: Bucherer)

There are 360 diamonds and gold-plated screws integrated into the tank, which contains a one-of-a-kind Bucherer timepiece that features elements of a motorcycle engine on its dial.

(Photo: Bucherer)

Bucherer jewelry also adorns hand grips, and there is a 5.40-carat diamond secured in an armored glass dome on the body. Just in case this thing wasn’t already flashy enough.

(Photo: Bucherer)

The details were done by hand, which accounts for the 2,500 hours of manpower it took to complete the limited-edition line.

(Photo: Bucherer)

Bucherer also created 16 unique timepieces to mark the collaboration that can be seen here.

h/t Highsnobiety