Car Designer Henrik Fisker On How Electric Vehicles Will Charge Up 2017

The automotive visionary reveals why it may finally be the Year of the Electric Car.

VLF Force 1

Aston Martin DB9 designer Henrik Fisker says we shouldn’t have to settle for dull cars just because we’re moving toward electric power for more vehicles. “An electric vehicle should be exciting!” he tells Maxim. “It should be something you want to have.”

Fisker EMotion

You remember Fisker–he introduced us to the gorgeous Fisker Automotive Karma EV back in 2011. He is also partnered with auto industry titan Bob Lutz to deliver the VLF Automotive Force 1 sports car that is based on the Dodge Viper‘s underpinnings.

Fisker EMotion

Fisker Automotive flamed out in just a year. Fisker says that was because of its dependance on battery maker A123 Systems, which went out of business and left Fisker with no batteries for its cars.

Fisker EMotion

This time around, Fisker has a new car, the EMotion, a new source of batteries, Fisker Nanotech, and a familiar name on the badge: Fisker, Inc. Fisker is promising to introduce the Fisker EMotion by the end of 2017, delivering a car that he says “will spearhead a revolution in electric cars that will disrupt the electric vehicle market and change the world.”

Fisker EMotion

Elon Musk might suggest he’s already done that with Tesla, but Fisker says that it is the use of graphene in its batteries that will give the EMotion groundbreaking advantages over Tesla and other EV makers. 

Fisker is promising those batteries will deliver the magical combination of longer driving range, faster charging times and lower costs that will be necessary for mainstream adoption of electric drive.

Fisker Nanotech will make the graphene-based battery cells for the EMotion, with a large, proven manufacturer assembling those cells into reliable, safe battery packs that Fisker Inc. will install in the cars. 

The lesson learned from Fisker Automotive’s failure was the need for an EV maker to not depend on outside suppliers for its critical batteries, Fisker said. “You have to control the battery technology,” he said.

 “We manage and control the battery testing,” which will prevent any Samsung Galaxy Note S7-like pyrotechnic issues, Fisker promises.

Why would a car enthusiast responsible for timeless designs like the BMW Z8 dedicate himself to producing electric cars, a category of vehicle usually associated with pragmatism and not enthusiasm? It is because he anticipates a future when use of gasoline-fueled thrill machines is restricted.

BMW Z8 with Pierce Brosnan

“The more EVs we get on the road the more likely it is we will still be allowed to drive some gasoline powered sports cars,” he suggests. Which is why he’s also building the VLF Force 1. 

VLF Force 1

In that case, we wish him utmost success. May the Force be with him, always.