5 Reasons a Honda Minivan Is Actually the Perfect Bachelor Party Machine

No, it won’t prevent a hangover.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)


You’re considering a couple options to transport your crew for your next bachelor party, right? You could do the tacky stretch limo, with the dubious history of its interior upholstery and ridiculous champagne bar, or you could ride in a rattly shuttle bus like you’re hitching a ride to the airport.


Nope, For your perfect bachelor party that doesn’t involve Bill Murray, your ride needs to be spacious, comfortable and have an array of ideal amenities that will let you and your buds roll in style. It is the 2018 Honda Odyssey.

Yes, the van that is built for hauling kids is your perfect party wagon. Which makes sense, because who is more childish than a group of bachelor party-goers?


1. Comfort

The Odyssey has seating for eight, or seven passengers plus your driver. That is a manageable number of guests for bar-hopping. If you don’t have that many, you can remove the center middle row seat for a bit more elbow room. 

The remaining two middle row seats can also slide together, making it easier to get to the third row. Nobody wants to climb over seats to get to the back after a long night of partying.


The Odyssey’s CabinControl app lets occupants control the climate control from their phones, though the driver can override their requests.


2. Tunes

You need the right music to keep the party rolling between venues, and the 2018 Odyssey Elite’s 550-watt, 11-speaker audio system has the punch you need for your favorite songs.

And everyone will get to hear their favorite tunes, because Honda’s CabinControl App gives remote control of the entertainment system via smartphone apps. The app’s Social Playlist means everyone can put songs from their phones on the playlist for the stereo to blast next.


3. Video

Bachelor parties commonly feature a “visual element,” and the Odyssey’s ceiling-mounted 10.2-inch high-definition widescreen rear seat video display gives passengers a great picture. While that system’s BluRay/DVD player might be ideal for showing Hollywood blockbusters from Red Box, internet-sourced video easily streams from the Odyssey’s built-in 4G LTE WiFi system.

The Odyssey’s multi-zone audio even lets the front seaters listen to music while the rear occupants can hear the video system’s soundtrack, or you can play your music in the whole car if you can follow the video’s complex plot without the aid of hearing the riveting dialog.


4. Security

Sometimes bachelor party destinations aren’t located in the most crime-free parts of town. And in the chaos of guests spilling out of the vehicle upon arrival, it could be easy for the driver to forget to lock the doors.

No worries. The 2018 Odyssey’s Walk Away Door Lock system automatically locks the car when the person carrying the key is more than eight feet from the car and all the doors are closed.


Or if your driver stays in the car and your party isn’t sure where he parked, the Find My Car app will get you back to the mothership. And a wireless inductive charging tray will recharge your wireless-capable Android phone just by leaving it on the front console, so your phone will have juice when you arrive at the next stop.


5. Aftermath

When it is over and the Odyssey is ankle deep in smashed tortilla chips, you’ll want to make it a little more presentable inside. But you probably don’t have time to run to the car wash to use its industrial-strength vacuum and it is possible that your head wouldn’t be happy with the noise from that device.

Fortunately, the 2018 Odyssey features a built-in HondaVac central vacuum cleaner system that you can use to clean up the errant corn chips and french fries.

In addition to all these party-centric goodies, the Odyssey has a 280-horsepower V6 and either a 9-speed or a 10-speed automatic transmission, so it has both the brawn and the leverage to haul your fat asses, er, you and your buddies’ immaculately toned bodies around town with enough muscle to merge onto the freeway uneventfully.

And the new independent rear suspension system provides a cushy ride, so hopefully everyone’s stomachs stay settled until you drop them off.