Honda’s Insane 130-MPH ‘Mean Mower’ Is the Fastest Lawnmower Ever

It’s totally unnecessary and totally awesome.

Honda Mean Mower
Photo: Honda

Honda has done something truly insane. They’ve transplanted the engine from their CBR1000RR Fireblade SP superbike into a freakin’ lawnmower.  

Photo: Honda

Why on earth would the Japanese automaker build such an absurdly awesome piece of lawn care equipment? They have a reputation to uphold. 

In 2014, Honda’s first “Mean Mower” hit the world record-setting speed of 116 mph. Now, they’ve partnered with Team Dynamics once again to make a faster, louder, and meaner mower.

Still: YouTube/Honda Video

Top Gear magazine has more details on its engine specs: 

It’s an SP1 Fireblade engine that has upped the game considerably from Mean Mower I. As in nearly double the power. 190bhp+ at 13,000rpm, 999cc, flat shift on the way up, auto blip on the way down.  

It’s got six gears with a long first ratio. In fact, the mower should be good for about 90mph [sic] in first. Sub 3.0sec 0-60mph? It’s probably not going to be far off.  

Still: YouTube/Honda Video

Top Gear writer Piers Ward set the original Mean Mower record. This time around, “rising race star” Jess Hawkins will helm the wheel.

Still: YouTube/Honda Video

The track date has yet to be announced, but it’ll probably look a lot like the 2014 attempt, only faster. 

Don’t forget your helmet, Jess. 

h/t: Hype Beast