Watch the Definitive Video on How to Correctly Pronounce the Word ‘Porsche’

Hint: It doesn’t sound like that deck on the front of your house.

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There’s an old joke about a dimwitted handyman who mistakenly slathers house paint on a rich customer’s sports car instead of his front stoop. The punchline is, of course, “By the way, that isn’t a Porch, it’s a Ferrari.” 

Aiming to educate the ignorant, and maybe settle some bar bets, Porsche has produced a video outlining the correct way to pronounce the iconic sports car maker’s name.

Interesting, that while the normal, American accented way to do this is “Porsh-Uh,” with a German accent, it is a little more like “Powish-Eh.” Either way, the name has two syllables and the “e” is not silent. 

So don’t accidentally paint anybody’s Ferrari.