Ford Is Making a Hybrid Mustang, and It Might Not Be Total Heresy

Ford president Mark Fields promises V8-like power with more low-end torque.

2015 Mustang
Ford Motor Co.

Ford went all-in on electrification today, with president Mark Fields announcing hybrid versions of the company’s dual flagships, the smokin’ hot Mustang and the best-selling F-150 pickup truck.

Ford Motor Co.

The Mustang will deliver even more low-end torque than the GT’s V8, Fields pledged in his remarks, while the the F-150 will provide drivers with the electrical power of a portable generator for job sites or back-up home power.

Both of these groundbreaking hybrids will arrive in 2020, but Fields provided no additional details. These cars are part of Ford’s move toward electrical power because within 15 years the majority of new car offerings will be electrified to some degree, he predicted.

Ford will also offer a fully electric compact SUV by 2020, and it will have a minimum driving range of 300 miles.

By the next year, 2021, Ford wants to sell fully autonomous cars that don’t even have steering wheels to ride-hailing services.

Ford also announced that its Chicago police vehicle modification center will begin building hybrid police pursuit versions of the Taurus. That could mean that any future blasphemous Blues Brothers reboot will need to include “cop battery” along with the “cop engine, cop tires and cop brakes” on their Bluesmobile.

Blues Brothers
Blues Brothers

That’s only fair, we suppose, if we’re going to have hybrid Mustangs.