I Rode In Global Rallycross Champ’s Totally Insane VW Beetle

WATCH: Before Scott Speed won the Global Rallycross Championship this week, he took me for one wild thrill ride.

Newly crowned Red Bull Global Rallycross champion Scott Speed has raced in Formula One and in Nascar’s Sprint Cup— but in Rallycross, a driver needs even more versatile skills, plus maybe even a pilot’s license for the air time over jumps.

Speed won the championship by finishing third in season finale in Las Vegas Wednesday. He and his teammate, Tanner Foust, who finished third, combined for 13 top-three runs on the victory podium this season for their Andretti Volkswagen Rallycross team.

Before that, I went for a ride in Speed’s race-prepped Beetle to experience what the racers see in this unique series, where drivers contend with high-speed asphalt, slippery gravel and even jumps as they complete each lap.

So buckle up, and watch this wild video of how it all went down:

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Photos by Volkswagen of America