This Hand-Built, Crazy Custom Bike Is the Eye-Popping Futuristic Ride of Your Dreams

We can't stop staring.
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Motorcycle parts and accessory giant Icon 1000 also likes to build custom bikes in addition to selling you new helmets and jackets. Previously, they've built a run-of-the-mill Triumph ThruxtonSuzuki Katana,  and Kawasaki Vulcan 650 into mouth-watering custom rides.


But for the custom "Ronin Deployed," Icon started out with an incredibly customized version of a motorcycle that was practically hand-built at the factory, so consider this a triple-distilled dose of two-wheeled awesomeness.

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Ronin Deployed began life as a Buell 1125, a thoroughly sophisticated an unorthodox sport bike built by Harley-Davidson's short-lived Buell subsidiary.

The designers at firearms accessories company Magpul were so impressed by the Buell, that they decided to build their own customized version of that bike, employing many of the same techniques and materials to augment the motorcycle as they do for firearms.

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The result was the Ronin, a one-off custom named in honor of renegade Samurai who were not attached to a lord. That project was so successful that Magpul launched Ronin Motorworks, a company dedicated to building and selling 47 custom Ronin motorcycles.

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That number comes from the Japanese story, "The Legend of the 47 Ronin," about a real 18th-century Ronin uprising. Icon 1000 bought one of Magpul's customized 47 Buells and proceeded to apply its own customizing touches to this already modified version of an extreme production model.

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Unlike the cool items in Icon 1000's catalog, Ronin Deployed is not for sale, because the company says that it is keeping this particular custom build. But Ronin Motorworks still has some of the bikes for sale, if you visit their Denver studio.

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