The ICON Power Wagon Has an Old Face and a Big, New Engine

The truck-masters have made a big, bad beast into a lethal weapon.

Dodge’s sixties and seventies-era trucks are notoriously—in a word—ugly. Blunt, heavy-browed, and lazy-eyed, the D2000 series was spacious and reliable, but never handsome. However, an important set of eyes in the vintage truck world thinks differently: Jonathan Ward, head of the ICON 4X4 restoration and customization shop. The company’s latest creation is a take on the brutal and homely D2000, with a significant twist: the intact D2000 body shell was bolted to a contemporary Dodge Ram 2500 chassis, complete with a 5.7-liter HEMI engine. (For good measure, ICON supercharged the V8 and gave the beast Fox Racing shocks.)

The result is a very stylish, very solid, and reasonably fast vintage pickup, complete with hundreds of millions of dollars in OEM development and engineering. As always with ICON’s projects, the level of finish and detail on this truck is unreal: the interior, much like Singer’s cars, are a luxurious riot of billet aluminum, quilted Italian leather and steel painted in appropriate-cut-customized colors. As a special touch, the truck has an etching on the rear window of the Wyoming mountains near the new owner’s home. ICON: all that old-school craftsmanship, plus an iPad in the dash. We wish they were making two. 

Photos by ICON