This Piano-Inspired Yacht May Be The Wildest Thing on Water

The eye-popping Icona Fibonacci concept could be music to the ears of yachting enthusiasts.

Icona Design Group

Icona—the Turin-based design firm that constructed the world’s first all-titanium car—is back with a crazy new electric concept yacht that’s inspired by the design of a grand piano. 

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Icona Design Group

The 54-foot catamaran, dubbed the Fibonacci in reference to math-derived Fibonacci spiral that’s often found it nature, was developed in partnership with three other outfits: Italian naval architectural firm Hydrotec, Swiss electrical contractor ASG Power, and Terra Modena Mechatronic, a design and producer of electrical propulsion systems. 

Icona Design Group

The modest, open-air sundeck is shaded by a tilted awning supported by a single curved beam, which is what’s comparisons to the lid of a grand piano. The deck’s spiral staircase adds another unique-but-useful flourish. 

“Yachting is very self-referential, so what attracted us to this project was that it brought us into contact with specialists in other fields such as automotive design and electric transport,” Sergio Cutolo, founder of Hydro Tec, told Robb Report. “The catamaran configuration, propulsion system and overall concept is the result of a collective effort to maximize the efficiency of the design and minimize energy consumption.”

Icona Design Group

Interior configurations are available with two or three en-suite guest cabins. According to New Atlas, the Fibonacci would be powered by a dual 270-horsepower electric motors that run off 340 kWh battery packs, allowing it to cruise at 11.5 mph for about 12 hours. A range-extending polymer electrolyte hydrogen fuel cell could also be installed at the cost of lower deck space, without sacrificing the Fibonacci’s eco-friendly propulsion system. 

Given that the titanium Vulcano coupe was actually, Icona may just bring the Fibonacci to fruition as well.