This Incredible Ice-Crawling Cruise Ship Concept Will Give You Chills

Perfect for your next vacay on Hoth.



Our favorite Quebecios design guru has added to his impressive list of unorthodox concepts with the Resolute, a massive cruise ship that crawls across arctic ice on huge Star Wars Jawa Sandcrawler-like tracks.

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Charles Bombardier stocks his Imaginactive site with crazy designs for unexpected devices, such as the Seataci yacht, Cycler lunar transport, and Brigade automated police motorcycle.


Resolute is the design of Boris Schwarzer, a contract designer for Ford in Michigan who has unexpected notions of heading north in the winter instead of south.


The snow tracks give the Resolute eight feet of ground clearance for climbing over obstacles as it crosses the frozen wastes. Schwarzer proposes either Wartsila diesel power or gas turbines, as a ship would use, but the frigid operating environment weighs in favor of the gas turbines over the cold-averse diesels.

Resolute would have heated pools, a glass-enclosed observation deck for aurora borealis viewing, and a landing pad for helicopters and drones. A ramp at the rear will permit it to launch and recover snowmobiles as sort of a snow-going aircraft carrier.

The plan is for Resolute to set out on week-long treks, with ample storage capacity for supplies to let it wait out storms for longer stays on the ice when needed. If only we could distract all of our super-rich eccentrics from their current rocket projects to take a look at the Resolute, maybe we could travel aboard it in a few years instead of going on another cruise ship to Mexico.