This Incredible Electric Motorcycle Concept Is Based on Dyson Bladeless Fans

The breezy bike design is inspired by Dyson house fans that cool by “multiplying” air.

Saharudin Busri

When the Dyson company invented its blade-free fan about a decade ago it surely had no way of knowing what kind of inspiration it would provide along with cooling power. With his new electric motorcycle concept industrial designer Saharudin Busri has taken that bladeless approach and turned it on its head with a revolutionary idea. 

Saharudin Busri

Saharudin Busri’s design removes the spokes on each wheel, automatically making the bike stand out from the crowd. For his engine, Busri has referenced Dyson’s own motor choices—specifically the motor that runs Dyson vacuum cleaners. 

Dyson’s revolutionary concept, after all, draws air in and then magnifies its power. Knowing this, we can understand Busri’s reasoning in basing his machine off decidedly non-transportation related devices.

Saharudin Busri

Busri completed his striking electric bike design with a color scheme dominated by silver and blue with red and black accents. Its headlight and brake light have been constructed to blend into the sleek, sci-fi body, with the latter appearing to float above the chassis.

So if you heard someone made up an electric bike design with elements inspired by fans and vacuums you might not be too interested—but one look at Busri’s concept shows there’s no telling what a creative designer can do with even the most everyday-sounding inspiration. 

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