The Incredible Nissan 350Z From Fast and the Furious Is Up For Sale

Here’s how much it will cost you.

Remember the ridiculous grey 2002 Nissan 350Z from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift? Sure you do — it’s this one:


The third installment of the high-octane racing franchise wasn’t that memorable given the absence of Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker, but this car certainly was — and now it can be yours. 

Cheshire Classic Cars in England is offering up what it claims is the same car that “Drift King” Takashi (Brian Tee) managed to spiral up the concrete ramp in a Tokyo parking garage. It’s hard to overstate how rare this is: Carscoopsnotes that most of the cars used in filming franchises like Fast and the Furious involve the use of “mules,” dummy cars decked up for close shots only. To own one in working condition is fairly unusual.

The listing says the car comes fitted with the Veilside Version 3 Wide Bodykit and an APS twin turbocharged engine, that pumps out 430 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque handled by a Nismo twin plate clutch and  Nismo two way differential. This is all well and good, but here’s the real gem: this 350Z is “currently set up for drifting.”

Now the bad news: this sleek machine will run you £​150,000, or just about $233,000. As Lucas Black says in Tokyo Drift: “That’s a lot of money.”

Photos by Cheshire Classic Cars