A Mexican Megacar Called the ‘Inferno’ Just Might Be the Most Extreme Vehicle on Earth

This monster has 1,400 horsepower.


In recent years, the world has been graced with several Mexican supercars, including the Mastretta MXT and the Vuhl 05, but none have truly captured the imagination of the global automotive community. But thanks to a new company called Inferno (after Dante’s Divine Comedy), Mexico will soon lay claim to one of the most extreme cars the world has ever seen.

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Possessing 1,400 horsepower and capable of going from zero to 62 mph in less than 2.7 seconds, the Inferno Exotic Car (yes, that’s its real name) represents a real challenge to famous hypercar brands including Koenigsegg, McLaren, and Pagani. With a top speed of 245 mph and a weight of less than 2,646 pounds, Inferno is edging into “megacar” territory, defined as a car with more than 1,341 horsepower (or a megawatt of power).

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The most groundbreaking aspect, though, is the patented “Metal Foam” skin that has never before been utilized on a car. An alloy of zinc, aluminum, and silver, the material helps reduce weight but also features hyperplasticity, with the ability to stretch 100 times its length without losing its inherent properties. Essentially you get armored-car strength in a Mini Cooper–weight vehicle.


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Slated to begin production this year, the Inferno Exotic Car just might be the future of world-class automotive design and continues what the Mastretta MXT and Vuhl 05 began—putting Mexican automotive brands on the global stage.