Infiniti Goes Topless with the G37 IPL Convertible

Because roofs are totally overrated.

These days, it seems like every car company has a high performance line. BMW’s got its M division, Mercedes has AMG, and Infiniti has its IPL, or Infiniti Performance Line. It’s a relatively recent newcomer to the world of autodom, having been introduced in 2010 with the instant-classic G Coupe, but we’re already huge fans. 

Photos Courtesy of Infiniti

Well, like a Hollywood actress trying to prove that she’s “artsy” to win an Oscar, the gorgeous G Coupe has now dropped its top. As you can see, the G37 IPL Convertible is an attractive hunk of metal. What you can’t see is the equally attractive V6 under the hood. It’s got plenty of oomph – 348 horses worth – but what numbers won’t tell you is just how fun this machine is to drive. It revs freely, gives you plenty of road feel, and has enough juice to insure that you’ll be in the speediest ride at any awards show you might find yourself at.


Photos Courtesy of Infiniti

Price: $57,000  

Engine: 3.7-liter V6

Horsepower: 348 

Torque: 276 lb-ft  

0-60: 6 seconds 

Top Speed: 167 mph

Photos by Infiniti