Watch: This Insane Russian Truck Is the ATV Juggernaut of Our Dreams

You know you want one.

The life of a Russian oligarch must have its earthly pleasures: steely-eyed supermodels, long schvitzes in your tackily-decorated mansion’s sauna, solid gold borscht bowls and copious amounts of vodka to name a few.

But it’s nice to know that even non-millionaire Muscovites can afford this fearsomely capable $50,000 two-seat amphibious SHERP ATV. The oversized Tonka Truck’s absurdly inflated tires and post-apocalyptic menace shines through as it lays waste to frozen terrain like Putin crushing a political dissident. 

Watch in awe as the SHERP absolutely owns the tundra in this riveting all-terrain video demo, appropriately scored to the kind of sinister electronica that is probably pounding at a Moscow nightclub at this very moment.