The International Scout 'Vanguard' Is a Baja-Ready Race Truck

All-terrain concept truck.
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Carlos Pecino International Scout II Vanguard  (1)

The internet is full of fantastical concepts based on modern and classic supercars, but London-based automotive CGI artist Carlos Pecino is the only person we've seen who's digitally overhauled an International Scout

Carlos Pecino International Scout II Vanguard  (4)

Pecino first caught our attention with this  Ferrari 308 GTB "Brawler" on NASCAR racing slicks. For his foray beyond supes, he made a Baja-worthy dune blaster out of the relatively obscure Scout II, a truck produced from 1971 to 1980 right before International went defunct. 

Carlos Pecino International Scout II Vanguard  (2)

The so-called Vanguard's overall body shape, grille and round headlights are largely faithful to the original. But Pecino's off-road package is far more aggressive than anything offered by the American ag equipment and auto manufacturer, with hulking fender flares and enlarged wheel wells to make room for knobby BF Goodrich rubber, a lift kit, and a clearly bolstered heavy-duty suspension. 


Pecino was originally going to reimagine a Ford Bronco. But his colleague Ash Thorp, a graphic designer who worked on blockbuster movies like Total Recall and X-Men: First Class, swayed him in the Scout's direction. 

Carlos Pecino International Scout II Vanguard  (3)

"Since I know @ashthorp , he is sharing his passion for big trucks and passing me constantly reference, pictures and crazy video about those Baja machines," Pecino wrote on Instagram.  

Carlos Pecino International Scout II Vanguard  (5)

"At first, I was close to doing a Ford Bronco but in one of those chat brainstorming between Ash and me, back and forth on different options... Ash showed me a super slick and elegant Scout 2... and I knew immediately that it will be my next build: The Vanguard!"

Keep the concepts coming, Carlos. 


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