You Can Buy a Better-Than-New Classic Jaguar XK-E, Perhaps The Most Beautiful Car Ever Built

Absolute perfection.
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Jaguar E Type

Enzo Ferrari famously pronounced the Jaguar XK-E the most beautiful car in the world, but these days the iconic English sports cars can be a bit tired and worn. 

No worries, the factory will build you a new one for just $355,000. At Jaguar's headquarters in Coventry, England, expert craftsmen rebuild the vintage beauties better than they ever were new. The company has already built a series of ultra-rare XK-SS recreations.


They are focusing exclusively on early Series 1 cars, the oldest and most collectible version, for now. 


That means only the traditional 3.8-liter inline six-cylinder engine, and none of the later V12s will be available.


The shop has 30 bays dedicated to constructing these gorgeous machines using the latest technology and traditional techniques for the best possible outcome.


There are a few, unseen improvements from the Series 2 that the factory will install because, well, they make the car better and no one can tell the difference. These include improved cooling, a fully synchronized gearbox, and bigger brake calipers.


Stopping is good, if you don't want your new pride and joy to revisit the paint shop soon, so it is a recommended option for all buyers!