It’s Official: The Jaguar SVR Is The Fastest F-Type Ever

This muscled-up 200 mph Jag speedster starts at $125,000.

Jaguar slashed 110 lbs. from the F-Type and pumped up its supercharged 5.0-liter V8 to 575 hp to produce its fastest-ever F-Type SVR, which will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. 

The SVR rockets to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and tops out at a knuckle-whitening 200 mph, making it the speediest Jag since the incredible 220 mph XJ220 of 1992-94.

The coupe’s will start at $125,950 and the roadster at $128,800.That doesn’t include pricey weight-saving options like the Formula 1-style carbon-ceramic matrix brakes and titanium exhaust system, which contribute half of the 110-lb. weight savings. 

An active rear spoiler, diffuser, front splitter and refined underbody aerodynamics contribute to the car’s stability at high speeds. 

The wing pops up at 60 mph in the convertible and 70 mph in the coupe. It contributes to a 7.5 percent reduction in drag and a 45 percent reduction in high-speed lift.

The chassis hardware is similarly upgraded, with lighter wheels and fatter Pirelli P Zero 265/35/ZR20 (front) and 305/30/ZR20 (rear) tires, new shocks and a stronger rear hub carrier to withstand the car’s added muscle. 

Programmers have been at work, hacking away at the car’s software, letting the transmission shift quicker than before and optimizing the SVR’s all-wheel drive system and differentials to put maximum power to the pavement.

In case the more muscular drivetrain and exterior improvements still aren’t enough, Jaguar also upgraded the cabin. Look for unique 14-way adjustable sport seats, “SVR Jet” leather and enlarged aluminum shift paddles. If you somehow tire of the F-Type engine’s bark, there is always the 770-watt Meridian surround sound audio system. 

Jaguar is set to begin selling the super-speedy SVR this summer. 

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